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–by Dr. Lee Bowers

Why do so many marriages end in divorce? Why do we stay in relationships that no longer make us happy? In this groundbreaking new book, Dr. Lee Bowers explores 7 Essential Conversations that change the way we approach relationships.

This down-to-earth handbook provides keys to effective communication between lovers. If you are a man or woman; straight or gay; currently in, approaching, recovering from, or considering a committed relationship, be sure to read the book! It will not only save you years of frustration and heartache; but help you achieve true peace and success in love. Read More

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Losing sleep because of worry?

Feeling lethargic, "down," not enjoying life?

Do you find yourself anxious a lot of the time?

Drinking more than you should?

Arguing with friends or family?

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Do you like your body?

Are you struggling with a serious illness?

Do you suffer from pain?

Are you plagued with allergies?

Would you like to lose weight or stop smoking?

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Are you searching for more meaning in your life?

Do you find that your religion no longer speaks to you?

Would you like to delve deeper into who you are as a spiritual being?

Are you wanting to connect with a Higher Power?

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Lee A. Bowers, Ph.D. is a psychologist with a private practice in health psychology. She takes a holistic approach to psychotherapy and specializes in helping clients achieve balance in body/mind/spirit. Lee is trained in traditional cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, but also employs hypnosis, NLP, EMDR, and many of the newer energy therapies in her work.