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Are you searching for more meaning in your life, your work, your relationships? Maybe you’re in a place of crisis, maybe you’re recently lost a loved one, or a sudden change in your life has caused you to question what it’s really all about. Why are you here? Maybe it’s just that you’ve reached a point where you are seeking more than material satisfaction. We are more than body and mind. We are spiritual beings, and that “unsettled feeling” we sometimes experience, is often our spirit in need of some attention.

Spirit is much more than just a set of religious beliefs. Rather, it is about who you are at your very core. Would you like to develop a spiritual practice, or enhance the one you already have? Maybe you’re considering meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, or making a closer connection with nature. I can help you explore your deepest thoughts and questions. This type of therapy often creates as many questions as it answers, because it is more about the journey of discovery and meaning, than a specific destination. Let me help you explore some of the mysteries of the universe, and your place in it.
Lee A. Bowers, Ph.D. is a psychologist with a private practice in health psychology. She takes a holistic approach to psychotherapy and specializes in helping clients achieve balance in body/mind/spirit. Lee is trained in traditional cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, but also employs hypnosis, NLP, EMDR, and many of the newer energy therapies in her work.