lee bowers, ph.d.
blue flower

by Dr. Lee Bowers

Why do so many marriages end in divorce? Why do so many people stay in marriages when they are no longer happy? In this groundbreaking new book, Dr. Lee Bowers explores the SEVEN ESSENTIAL CONVERSATIONS that will change the way we all approach relationships from now on.

This easy to read guide gives readers the keys to effective communication between partners. If you are a man or woman; straight or gay; currently in, approaching, recovering from, or just considering a committed relationship - be sure to read this book! It will not only save you years of frustration and heartache; but just might help you achieve true peace and success in your love life.

The book draws on Dr. Bowers' experience of over 25 years as a psychotherapist and psychologist, working with couples, individuals, and families. It shows us how taking the time to lay the ground work at the beginning of a relationship will pay dividends for a lifetime.

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Read what others are saying about the book . . .

"In 25 years of practicing family law, I've longed for this book. I wish all my clients would read it… At last, Dr. Bowers gives us the perfect 'primer' on marriage."
- Amy P. De Shong, Esq. and Fellow, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

"Brilliant! Insightful! A must-read relationship book… A comprehensive look at issues that can strengthen your relationship. Poignant stories and Dr. Bowers' insights light the way to love and happiness."
- Professor Mitch Goldfarb, Department of Kinesiology - College of Health Sciences, West Chester University

"Reading Dr. Bowers' book and having the conversations… that it suggests will allow you to develop a significantly more meaningful, lasting and productive agreement with your partner… a roadmap to success."
- Peter J. Caltagirone, Esquire.

"Insightfully and Powerfully Written! This book helps couples examine their values and beliefs before making a lifelong commitment."
- Jasmine Koloudis, Couples Yoga Instructor/Facilitator