lee bowers, ph.d.
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Suburban Psychological Services, Inc. offers brief, effective therapies that can change your life. We specialize in the new, so-called "power therapies" where significant results are felt in just a few sessions. The literal meaning of healing is "becoming whole." Complete healing aligns and integrates the conscious and unconscious minds on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. We believe it's possible for healing to be easy, fast, and effective.

Here's what our clients have said about our approach to healing and psychotherapy...

"When I finished with your therapy I was given a new life. I have been really living and growing into my individuality and I love myself. .. . It has been the most amazing two years. I just keep gaining in exploration of new things. I am so grateful of our meeting and for my life. " M.B.

"Words cannot express how much I will always appreciate how you helped me through the most difficult time of my life. You have shown me the doors to true happiness. Thank you so much." S.D., waitress

"Thank you once again for the incredible gift of healing and knowledge that you've given with an abundance of generosity and love. There is no amount of money that can equal its value..." R.F., recording artist

"The energy protocols are phenomenal in treating allergies. I had significant relief, immediate relief, in using the technique after just one session. I really recommend it for any allergy sufferer." J.M., chiropractor

"I had a very deep-seated fear, a feeling of panic, whenever one of my children became ill. Through Lee's help and her power therapies, it took only one hour to overcome this fear and it has not returned. I finally feel like a 'normal' mother to my children." K.B., mother

"I suffered from diabetes and painful arthritis of the hands and hips. I could not close my hands or stand from a seated position without using my arms to push myself out of a chair. After Dr. Bowers treated me with her energy therapies, my blood sugar dropped and now averages 97. I can close my hands to make a fist and get up from a chair without pushing!" D.P., retired

"I have had three performances since our session. There was every reason to be nervous... I didn't even sweat! Now, hours later, I'm still glowing. I nailed it and I wanted to share it and say thanks." C.H., opera singer

"I've been able to use the trance state to help me interact with my body in a new and beneficial way. When I have a pain I've been able to suppress it.... l've been able to open my nasal passages and sinuses." J.B., writer

"Thanks to Lee and her different anxiety reducing techniques, I feel confident that I am through with panic attacks and crippling anxiety. I also feel prepared to handle difficult situations using the techniques. Lee has taught me to prevent escalating anxiety and/or fear." P.M., nurse

"Through the use of these techniques, I have not taken allergy medication in weeks. I can cut the grass without a single sneeze for the first time in years. I am thrilled!" K.B., medical technician

"Thank you so much for your professional advice and unconditional caring. You have made an incredible difference in my outlook on life!" J.R., photographer

"After the use of the energy therapies, my chronic fatigue and depression have been significantly reduced. Sometimes I realize I was active all day without a nap!" M.B., psychotherapist